Cocaine Powder Colombian Coke (98% pure )

Cocaine Powder Colombian Coke (98% pure )

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Cocaine, also known as crack or coke is a highly addictive white powder made from processed Coca plant grown in regions of Columba. It is a powerful stimulant and painkiller that can get you high within minutes of use. It can be snorted or injected into the bloodstream when dissolved.

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The powdered form of cocaine is either dissolved in water and injected into the bloodstream, or inhaled through the nose (snorted), and it gets absorbed through the nasal tissue, . Cocaine Crack is a form of cocaine that has been processed to make a rock crystal (also called “freebase cocaine”) that can be smoked.

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cocaine, also known as coke,. Cocaine can be consume using a variety of options eg You can either inhale , inject, smoke it . In Canada , USA, , and other countries , cocaine is commonly used as a recreational drug. This drug can be hard to get .However , superpharma high quality pure, lab-tested cocaine at prices moderate prices .

You can buy cocaine online from our store and get it delivered to your doorsteps. this drug has outstanding medical potential. In earlier days, Cocaine was a unique cure-all. it was used to treat hallucinations, depression, dental problems etc. Presently, people often purchase cocaine online because of its proven anesthetic potentials. Cocaine is not comparable to any other single substance and produces vasoconstrictive effects . Also, this drug has great therapeutic value for modern ophthalmology and is often used in minor plastic surgeries. Prescription cocaine is not uncommon to see coke being applied to shrink mucous membranes.

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10 Grams, 20 Grams, 3 Grams, 4 Grams, 8 Grams

41 reviews for Cocaine Powder Colombian Coke (98% pure )

  1. Petersen

    Placed a first time sample order and impressed with the product. Came fast & heavy. Thanks for a great transaction.


    Vendor can be a little slow with responding but the product gets delivered fast and is worth the price. Much stronger than what I get from the street and much cheaper 10/10

  3. Carlos

    Yet another perfect order from superpharma! This is my go to source for coke and I wish they sold dope cause I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The shipping is super fast, the comms are excellent, the bag was overstuffed! I am always completely satisfied by sqaurdpharm and I’d recommend this store to absolutely anyone looking for quaility coke and a trustworth sellers. Thanks again

  4. Emmelda

    Real good blow at this price. Broke up nice and fluffed up easily. Small shiny rocks, little to no powder.. Good high w/o the ampy jitters. Will buy again. Good stealth and fast delivery. No complaints.

  5. Bonnie

    great stuff fast delivery thanks again

  6. Stephen

    Placed a first time sample order and impressed with the product. Came fast & heavy. Thanks for a great transaction.

  7. Denis

    et another perfect order from superpharm This is my go to source for coke and I wish they sold dope cause I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The shipping is super fast, the comms are excellent, the bag was overstuffed! I am always completely satisfied by sqaurdpharm and I’d recommend this store to absolutely anyone looking for quaility coke and a trustworth sellers. Thanks again

  8. Sarah

    spot on weight, great comms, thanks

  9. Desmon

    SO fucking good. Probably best coke ever had. It was for some girl I liked but she doesn’t like me back lol it was suppose to be for her but I snorted it all. Would get more.

  10. Autor

    excellent service , good quality Snow was real chunky and right on the weight as well 3.5 on the dot. will order again definitely. keep it up bro

  11. Jimmy

    Excellent quality, very very very fast shipping, product is immaculate. Highly recommend, I will be back for sure. THank you so much!

  12. Jimmy

    Excellent quality coke. Just won a regular customer. Was nice rocks.

  13. Rojas

    It was a blind purchase, never done business with vendor before and figured what better time than with excellently priced and seemingly terrific quality snow. So very grateful that the vendor is as great as my instincts told me, Ill very likely be back sooner than later too. Very satisfied with the speed shipping and the overall quality of service and product. 10/10

  14. Harold

    Great stuff as always! highly recommend this vendor

  15. Darryl

    Fast delivery and good stuff!

  16. Adam

    FIRE! great product, good business, my new vendor i recommend everyone to him. thanks man ill be back

  17. Ralph

    super fast delivery and quality product

  18. Andrea

    First order with these guys after another supplier quality going down consistently. Fast postage and good product. Will be using again, thanks

  19. Leslie

    Quicker delivery than other domestic orders. Good product and stealth. Highly recommended.

  20. Paul

    Great stealth, fast shipping, very decent stuff, only complaint is that the count was a little under

  21. Christina

    6DD delivery, good stealth and quality product. Would recommend

  22. Janice

    A proper banging ponging rock. Beautiful stuff

  23. Darlene

    Pretty good stuff for the price. 5dd but understandable during Covid. Packaging very discrete.

  24. Jossi

    Life is worth hard when you don’t accept the circumstances of day today struggle. I have never been flabbergasted by the amazing package which my supplier has made it right even though I haven’t paid all but I could still receive my package because I trust in them and I could complete now without doubt. You the best

  25. Alpham

    Great all the way around, another smooth transaction, 3d delivery amazing stealth and security and a solid product what more can you ask for… Happy Holidays!!!!

  26. Brian

    Good product. I have bought from this vendor before and will continue to use this vendor. It took a week to arrive but understandable in this current climate.

  27. Connie

    Arrived a week after ordering but that was expected due to delays on post these days, the gear looks pretty good especially for the price I will give it a try and do an update on what its like, would recommend buying from this vendor.

  28. Carl

    really great gear, quick delivery too! frazzled all night long

  29. Ellen

    Great product as usual, good stealth bit slow on delivery 5 days but not sellers fault as post is slow in these times, will defo order again. 3rdorder now and no issues what so ever, highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed!!

  30. Chris

    Great coke was a delay but rm are slow just now but all good

  31. Eduardo Manvelyan

    6DD good stealth, this stuff smells like rocket fuel not tried it yet. Not sure why that other thing was in there though hahaha cheers boss

  32. Smith

    Trusted vendor. Great quality. Express service

  33. Jonathan

    good stuff – stealth could be better and postage was slow but i believe the RM having lots of issues. But really good stuff, cannot complain for the price

  34. Wanda

    10/10 coke, great vendor reliable fast delivery, 3DD

  35. Jay

    Order recieved in good time, 3 working days. Sorry for delay in reply I have been away from home for a couple of days. Product looks brilliant

  36. Ricky

    Slight delay but probably due to Royal Mail only delivering to my address on certain dates. Good quality and weighed in on the money. Nice little touch with the free gift. Will be orderimg again

  37. Maria

    a little delayed due to RM / Covid but great stealth and cool free gift although can’t comment on quality of product just yet

  38. Laurie

    Cheers boss, landed today, about 6DD, RM very sketchy still, can’t try in the middle of a working day but the feedback here seems to speak for itself….many thanks.

  39. Sean

    Took a while but it’s worth the wait. Straight top shelf coke. Cheers

  40. Michelle

    NDD Great stuff, LOL at the gift. Not nasty coke like other vendors. Top gear A+++++

  41. Paula

    ordered before 12 midday and received the next day

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